Mission Statement

MedClaims  STAT is a full service medical billing firm dedicated to providing professional and personalized service to physician offices throughout Illinois and Indiana.  It is our mission to partner with our clients to ensure an efficient , informed, comprehensive and effective medical billing process that is both affordable and cost effective. 

Evaluate your Needs

Let us help you maximize your revenue through a professional, collaborative and informed approach to the entire billing process.  To start this evaluation of the need for our services, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you see your revenue decreasing while your costs continue to grow?
  • Are you feeling the pressure to make the term "Private Practice" a thing of the past?
  • Do you receive personal service and ongoing collaboration?
  • Do you receive training on the ever changing processes and regulations?


Don't succumb - MedClaims STAT can help!! Let us diagnose and treat your chronic or acute Medical Billing Syndrome.


Medical billing is no longer the simple task of data entry. The industry has changed considerably over the last 20 years. Staying up-to-date with the regulations, constant changes and demands has become a full-time specialty - our specialty!!! Our goal is to increase your collections and reduce your overhead at an AFFORDABLE and reasonable cost to you. We can maximize your revenue and take the medical billing hassles out of your office. MedClaims STAT understands that simply submitting clean claims, appealing denials, and performing bi-weekly aging audits is not enough to increase revenue. We can work with you to maximize your coding, audit your superbill, perform a fee schedule analysis, and help you take advantage of the incentive programs available.


Let MedClaims STAT relieve your burden.  Feel the confidence in knowing our knowledgeable and expert staff have your billing handled.  Our billing staff are not just billers!  We are professional problem solvers committed to exceeding your expectations with high quality service.  Know that we are constantly looking for new ways to increase your revenue by staying informed and keeping you informed. Our success depends upon YOUR success!


It really is as easy as it sounds.  We can turn your billing nightmare into a successful revenue flow.  We will work with you and your staff to develop a custom plan to streamline the work flow process.  We also provide significant training to you and your staff complete with tools and recommended processes to simplify the transition to our services.  Teamwork with you and within our office is the key to success.  Our first objective is to establish a professional and personable relationship with our clients.

Our experience allows us flexibility which is crucial in an industry constantly ridden with changes! We can use our software or bill with yours. Example - two of our providers purchased EMR software with the billing component. Both providers were so pleased with our results that they chose to train us in their software rather than terminate our services. This was the ultimate testimonial! We have a proven record of success with our clients.

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